NAMI Chattanooga is Hiring!

NAMI Chattanooga – Executive Director Job Description

NAMI – Chattanooga, TN is seeking an experienced, visionary, and self-determined individual to fill the role of the first, paid staff position for NAMI Chattanooga, serving as Executive Director of this NAMI affiliate branch. This position will be an exciting opportunity for someone to work alongside a Board of Directors in continuing to build, from the ground up, an impactful and efficiently run non-profit organization. The position would be headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, and is currently home office based (remote).

Salary Range & Benefits – This position includes a comprehensive benefits package and a salary ranging from $60,000-$70,000 annually, with final amount to be determined based on experience.

About NAMI Chattanooga- NAMI Chattanooga serves the cities of Chattanooga and Hamilton County in East Tennessee. We are a 501.c.3 nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with severe and persistent mental health issues, as well as their loved ones, through effective and innovative support, education, and advocacy. We are family members, people with lived experience, of many ages, cultures, and stages in our lives. Though independent, we are affiliated with NAMI National in Arlington County, Virginia, and NAMI Tennessee in Nashville.

Preferred Attributes – Bachelor’s Degree in related field (Master’s is preferred), with experience in fundraising, non-profit organizational leadership, community outreach, mental health advocacy work, and business development/management. Required background checks for final candidates will be coordinated with NAMI Chattanooga, and results will be held in strictest confidence.

Skills and Dispositions Desired -

  • Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with all stakeholders verbally and in writing

  • Ability to collaborate with staff and community partners

  • Proficiency working with Microsoft and Google platforms and tools, such as Excel, PowerPoint, google docs, etc.

  • Experience working with a Board of Directors

  • Experience with strategic planning methods

  • Experience in developing new revenue streams

  • Experience in fundraising, developing, and maintaining donor relationships with individuals and groups.

  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills

  • Fiscal management skills including budget preparation, decision making, and reporting.

  • Robust work ethic with a sense of passion and urgency in regards to bettering systems and resources for those affected by mental illness – a willingness to learn in areas in which prior knowledge may not exist.

  • Strong sense of integrity in leadership – conviction to lead with compassion, honesty, and effectiveness.

Role – The Executive Director is a comprehensive leader for the organization and within the community, responsible for overseeing the programs, administration, and strategic planning for the good of the organization and all who it serves. Other key attributes of a qualified candidate include:

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing, Community Outreach, & Public Relations

  • Fiscal Management

  • Mental Health Advocacy Work - both in the legislative nature, as well as in a personal and “boots on the ground” nature (working closely with families and those affected by mental illness as they navigate resources).

  • A willingness to learn and grow in areas where expertise is not already established.

*NAMI is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. NAMI prohibits discrimination and harassment against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, genetic information or any other legally protected group status. We also provide reasonable accommodation for candidates with disability.

General Responsibilities

1. Board Governance: Works with the board of directors to fulfill the organization’s mission.

  • Responsible for leading NAMI Chattanooga in a manner consistent with the mission and vision as defined by the board of directors.

  • Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing all necessary information for the Board to function effectively and efficiently & to make informed decisions.

  • Incorporate principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in all outreach and engagement work.

2. Financial Performance and Viability: Develops resources sufficient to ensure the financial feasibility of the organization and its operations.

  • Responsible for fundraising and developing other revenue streams necessary to support the mission of NAMI Chattanooga.

  • Responsible for the fiscal development and management of NAMI Chattanooga, to include the annual budget and monthly financial reports.

  • Responsible for assistance with all document requests made by the person or team charged with third party oversight.

  • Responsible for day to day fiscal management within the approved budget to maximize the financial position of NAMI Chattanooga.

  • Responsible for grant writing, grant management, and communications.

3. Organizational Strategic Planning and Mission: Works with board of directors and staff to ensure the mission is fulfilled through strategic planning, programs, and community outreach.

  • Responsible for the implementation of the programs that support the mission of the organization in conjunction with the vision and goals of the board of directors – keeping in mind the resource and advocacy needs of those in the surrounding community affected by mental illness.

  • Responsible for development and implementation of a strategic plan as well as assessment of the success of the implementation of the plan.

  • Responsible for the enhancement of NAMI Chattanooga’s reputation and rapport with the community and mental health providers in the area through coordinated, tangible involvement in the community served by the organization.

  • Responsible for building relationships and working with other professional, civic and private organizations, including other nonprofits.

Job Duties

  • Report to and work closely with the Board of Directors to facilitate their involvement in policy decisions and fiscal decisions.

  • Comply and work in accordance with national charter and sponsorship agreements.

  • Participate in Executive Director Leadership Exchange, including annual in-person gatherings.

  • Compile pertinent data on programming and people served, and oversee reporting of data to funders.

  • Work collaboratively with organization staff/volunteers.

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of strategic plan with board approval.

  • Planning and operation of the annual budget.

  • Communicate with and provide assistance to person or team charged with third party oversight

  • Serve as NAMI Chattanooga’s public relations contact to all audiences.

  • Establish and maintain relationships with community stakeholders.

  • Engage in fundraising and the development of other revenue streams.

  • Oversee marketing and other communication efforts

  • This position may require some nights, weekends, and occasional travel. Flex time is available.

  • Oversee the organization of board, committees, and other applicable meetings

  • Recommend policies and administrative guidelines to the board to provide a framework for the management of NAMI Chattanooga.

  • Review and recommend the approval of contracts within NAMI Chattanooga.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Board in accordance with the vision and mission of NAMI Chattanooga, as assessments of the region and its needs provide new information to guide duties.

How to Apply: If this role sounds like an excellent fit for you, please submit a résumé to with a cover letter addressing the following:

• Why are you a good fit for the position of Executive Director for NAMI Chattanooga?

• Describe a significant accomplishment in your previous or present position.

• What drives your passion for the NAMI mission?

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